Wildlife Conservation is defined by protecting wildlife and it’s habitat.

It’s no secret that children learn by example. So when I had the opportunity to spend some time with local 1st graders speaking to them about animal adaptations, I jumped at the opportunity. The questions and excitement from so many amazing little people could have gone on all day. It was then that I knew my focus had to be on passing on the understanding of wildlife conservation from a cultural perspective.


My brand is “this is my quest” in which, I want to offer the opportunity to pass on a piece of our culture and beliefs. Many think that hunting traditions and cultures are only important in remote areas and in smaller cultures but it is still very important and very prevalent to cultures all over the world including yours. The truth is teaching conservation and sustainable living requires far more of a reach than I will ever be able to provide so I need your help. We no longer quickly grasp sustainable living since everything is quick and easy to obtain from a store.

It isn’t necessarily challenging to live sustainably, but it does require “fun” work. Understanding the importance of passing this knowledge on to the next generation is half the battle. I have traveled the world and met some interesting people. It is always surprising to me the lack of knowledge concerning hunting and it’s connection to conservation and sustainable living.

I would love to give you some ideas that are far more fun than picking up something at a store. I promise they will remember these moments for the rest of their lives.

My podcasts, videos, articles etc  that will focus mainly on children and how to peak their interest will be accessible from this page

Just plant the seed and they will grow to love conservation!




Some topics I will focus on

  • hunting
  • animal track identification
  • predators
  • skull identification
  • animal adaptation
  • sustainable living
  • conservation
  • human/animal interaction

*There will be so much more to add as I go. So until I start adding more content feel free to view some of my background and what I currently do on my facebook or youtube channel.