If you follow my journey, you need to know how I came to know my purpose. I promise I will not drag this story on; if you find yourself increasingly curious about the rest of the story, I thought maybe a video would be more entertaining. That is in the works and will be on youtube shortly.

Maybe you stumbled across my blog or were curious about who this crazy girl is chasing such adventures. Either way, I hope to keep your interest long enough to share my adventures with you, better known as “this is my quest.” My about section can give you a small idea of who I am now and why. The strange life I led to get to this person with a purpose so strong is maybe the most intriguing part.

It started when I was a child I had no idea why it was a part of me, I knew I loved the outdoors and learning how to take care of myself so little bits of that were a part of my life raising my children and teaching them a sustainable living. But it was about four years ago, my life changed again. It often has done that and not just a little but more of a life-altering, kick to the stomach so hard that it knocks you down and barely waits to see if you get back up kind of change. Since I was a little girl, these kinds of changes are all I know, so this was no different, and I was maybe slightly expecting it. My husband of many years had decided he could not deal with what was happening in our lives and refused to come home, my youngest son went to college, and somebody had burglarized my retail sporting goods store. I suffered a considerable loss all within a month.

As I sat at my desk with tears streaming down my face, not able to understand how all of my hard work of being a wife, mother, and business owner could have just fallen apart, I had no time to stop and try to make heads or tails of it I had to keep moving. Finally, after weeks of hiding in my office during those moments of breakdowns, I stopped and looked around at everyone else and how they were living their lives, I just wanted to make sense of where I was and how to fix this overwhelming feeling of being lost and alone again. I suddenly realized that I had let the expectation of a “normal” life define who I had become, and when that normal had abandoned me, I was on the verge of allowing it all to ruin me.

I needed to find my normal now, but what was my normal? My life had never been entirely traditional. I had to do a bit of soul searching and think way back to my childhood when things were so scary and hard. What would help me escape the nightmare? It was the woods. That is where I would go. I would hunt or fish; I would go away. So I decided to do what I had done so many times before I picked myself up and not only found my purpose, but I jumped in headfirst, and now I had to let go of everything that held me back. I believe if you have a passion for something, nothing can stop you. It was time to start the next chapter of my life.

The problem that I had was I am so passionate about conservation and passing on the tradition and culture of hunting that I could not teach or influence because I needed to narrow down my message. I had been following a couple of people who were chasing the North American Super Slam, so after much consideration and many people telling me I could not do this, I decided in May of 2017 I would chase an archery North American Super Slam!

My adventures from that moment have been nothing short of amazing I have endured many trials in the last four years and many many people telling me I cannot do this or that. Still, my belief in myself has grown, and I have learned all that I needed to to get where I wanted to go. I also learned that when I believed I could, others started to believe I could too.