Tallow soap
Tallow soap
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Tallow soap

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Homemade tallow soap bars. The Tallow is from my own harvested animals, each bar has been homemade and hand crafted from the animals I harvest during either hunting season or my farm raised animals. 






A step back in time to an understanding of the importance of "waste not want not" as well as an understanding of the benefit of something so simple as animal tallow. The animals are all sustainably raised or wild harvested in an effort to utilize all parts of the animals. 

Please note that these bars are made at different times with different cure rates due to materials used 

Ingredients contain a variety of 

Tallow, Lye, essential oils, and organic coconut oil 

Some quick research shows that tallow has been used traditionally from different animals since the early 1800’s and is still used today with benefits like
hair growth and shine, beard care, skin care, eczema, psoriasis, scars 

It is said to contain vitamins such as 
niacin, D,A,K, and E 
e – absorbed easily through the skin which supports cell function, reduces UV damage, antioxidant
which helps combat toxins from the environment. Our vitamin E levels decrease with age
D- our bodies absorb this from the sun and is processed through the liver and kidneys which then
transforms it into a vitamin we can use (hydroxylation)
K- can be absorbed through the skin to aid in protein synthesis which can help in bruising
A – we know its benefits from retinol A the vitamin that fights free radicals that speed up aging skin, it
also fights inflammation which is the underlying cause of acne.
along with lineolic acid – aids in moisture retention and is a component of the skins lipid barier
Nucleic acids beneficial when ingested ( not sure how this will benefit sales of soap)
Proteins – which aid in shaving irritation, cuts, sores, inflammation or red skin
Minerals – aid in dry skin, hydration and cellular communication to the body

The fractionated cocnut oil is also great for your skins moisture is is added as it is non greasy 

wight and size vary approx size is 3 oz bar 

Use caution as with any new product